Private School in Germany

You can attend a private boarding school in Germany with GLS. Boarding schools are usually more expensive than day schools and  typically expect a minimum stay of one year. They also demand that you speak German quite well. One big advantageis that the boarding schools we partner with offer you the possibility to do the “Abitur” and then go on to study at a German university. If you want to do the Abitur, you should plan to spend at least the final 2 years prior to Abitur exams in Germany.


Berlin – Insel Scharfenbergberlin


Berlin – Villa Elisabeth


Brandenburg – StiftNeuzelle brandedburg
  • Fantastic location on beautiful island in Berlin
  • Minimum age: 16, Intermediate German (B1)
  • Fee: from 11,900 euro



  • Private boarding school (horseback riding, golf, sailing)
  • Minimum Age: 13, German on upper intermediate level
  • Fee: from 13,850 euro



  • Private boarding school in former monastery
  • Minimum age: 13, German on intermediate level
  • Fee: from 13,950 euro

All prices include
•    placement at a German boarding school
•    starter weekend in Berlin for student
•    boarding accommodation, single or shared room, full board
•    supervision and support by a member of GLS staff
•    a certificate of attendance, issued by the German high school
•    3 GLS reports per year, 2 per semester
•    transfer from the nearest airport or station to accommodation
•    letter of invitation for visa application

Additional services for students attending a high school in Berlin:
•    free German course (2 lessons on 2 afternoons every week) on the GLS campus in Berlin
•    one free weekend excursion, e.g. to Hamburg or Dresden
•    free Christmas dinner at the GLS restaurant “Die Schule”

Not included are:
•    pocket money – Euro 150 – Euro 200 per month
•    books and course material, metro or bus tickets to school
•    insurance (liability, medical, accident, personal items, cancellation): 10 EUR/week – obligatory
•    preparatory German language course.

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