Bachelor Course

Study Pathways


Technik Faculty


Language: German

6 Semester (Standard)



Language: English and German

6 Semester (standard)



Language: English
7 Semesters (Standard)



·   Applied Chemistry  B. Sc

·   Biomedical Engineering  B. Eng

·   Civil Engineering  B. Eng

·   Electrical Engineering  B. Eng

·   Mechanical Engineering (Energy Systems) B. Eng

·   Physical Engineering  B. Eng



·   Computer Engineering B. Sc.

·   Software Engineering

·   Communications

·   Civil Engineering B. Sc. ***

·   Electrical and Electronic Engineering B. Sc.

·   Mechanical Engineering B. Sc.

·   Metallurgy and Metal Forming B. Sc.


*** 7 Semesters (Standard)



·   Bioengineering B. Sc.

·   Biomaterials B. Sc.

·   Electronics B. Sc.

·   Environment and energy B. Sc.

·   Science Communication and Bionics B. A.

·   Industrial engineering B. Sc.

·   Mechanical engineering B. Sc.

·   Mechatronic Systems engineering B. Sc.

·   Sustainable agriculture B. Sc.



Fakultas – fakultas Bisnis



Language : English

7 Semesters (Standard)



Language: English

7 Semester (Standard)


·   Agribusiness B. A.

·   Gender and diversity B. A.

·   Science Communication and Bionics B. A.

·   International taxation and law B. A.

·   Mobility and logistics B. Sc.





·   Business Administration with Informatics B. A.



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